Over 4th of July weekend, Carlos Macedo had a booth at the UFC Fan Expo where he was tattooing live during the convention. He brought his video/photographer Tony Adams to document the trip. The UFC Fan Expo happen to be on 4th of July weekend, which made the trip a very exciting weekend. Carlos brought along his team, and models for the trip. He booked the biggest suite at the Luxor Hotel along with a couple other junior suites.

The first night they had the opportunity of having a limo sent over courtesy of The D Las Vegas Hotel and had dinner at Andiamo Steakhouse, thanks to good friend Richard Wilk (Director of Business of Development). This place is a must try if you are taking a trip out to Las Vegas.

Second day of the trip was 4th of July which Carlos booked a Cabana at Wet Republic where DJ Afrojack was performing, bottles were pippin, chicks were dancing, and booties were shaking! Nothing but good times!!!

Over the weekend it was time to work for the UFC Fan Expo, where most big name fighters were doing signings, Dana White spoke, the weigh-in was held, all other sorts of activities were going on. Several big names stopped by to say hello to Carlos while he was tattooing. This was a great trip, along with a successful project. Below is a trailer to the full video, courtesy of                       83 Productions which will be coming soon, along with some photos from the trip. Stay tuned…


Las Vegas Trailer from Carlos Macedo on Vimeo.

Video – @83productions


All Photos by – Tony Adams